Tuesday, January 12, 2010

my second knitted project

During the holidays, I was knitting this hat for my 7-year-old daughter. She requested to have the ear covers. We bought the yarn in San Francisco when we visited there 4 yrs ago. She chose the one but she doesn't remember it. She was just 3 yrs old back then. I knitted, frogged and knitted again and again to fit her head. Gee, it took me three days. But I'm happy how it turned out! So is my daughter and wear is every single day!

Habu's Happy Box

You know the famous Japanese handwoven yarn shop called habu? Here in Japan, it's knows as "avril" and they have shops in Kyoto (HQ), Osaka and Tokyo.

I've started hand weaving and now takes Swedish Weaving class once a month. My teacher spent some years in Sweden to learn weaving, and now she has her own studio in Tokyo. I'd bought a rigid table loom. As you can see, I'm so much into it!

Every year, avirl (or habu) offers generous Happy Box to celebrate the first sale of the new year. And here it is! I bought one for myself. Look how much I got!!!! The box was huge and it was hard to hold to take it to my atelier room. I'm so excited to imagine what I'd knit/weave out of these wonderful yarns!

These books are about handweaving at home written by avril CEO. It tells me a lot! They're my bibles.

New Year has come

Hope you all had a great New Year Day. Yes, new year of 2010 has come. How're you doing so far?

This year is Tiger Year in Zoological Year here in Japan.

Happy Tiger Year to you!