Thursday, August 31, 2006

Trip to Singapore

We have decided to travel to Singapore from Jan. 2, 2007 for a week. As my sister used to live and work there for some years, we've been there more than 20 times now. We just love the small beautiful island. And this will be Jade's first time to step on any other Asian countries besides her own country, Japan. So far, she's visited San Francisco when she turned to be 2 yrs old in 2005. We have so much plans to enjoy! Cannot wait to meet some of my friends I met online during our trip :D

Friday, August 25, 2006

Some refreshments!

Hi friends! How have you been? Sorry for my long silence. Ever since I came back from summer holidays, my shops keep me so busy. But I sneaked out to have some refreshments for myself at AVEDA salon near our house. I had a hair cut, applied "digital permanent" and aroma treatment. Oh, I feel so freshed now!

Thursday, August 10, 2006


Since I have more free tim now, I decided that my daughter and I take hula classes once a week. A new class for mom and the little one just started here in Kamakura, so we jumped in last Friday to try out. Jade is just 3 yrs old, but she does a lot of activity at her preschool where she spends 8 hours every day. Her teachers say she likes to dance a lot, so I thought she'd enjoy it. And she did enjoy the entier one hour in our first class.
So mommy was very busy making our new "pau" skirts to wear when we go to hula classes. For an adult, you need 4 yards, and 2 yards for kids. That's a lot of sewing, eh?

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

my exhibition at a zakka shop

I had my first exhibition at a zakka shop in a local area on the last Saturday. There were 5 artists/creaters including myself from Shonan area. I brought my Hawaiian bags just like the first craft fair. It was a very hot day and we had less customers during the daytime. I guess nobody wanted to take a risk to dry up in the heat! But we had a lot of customers in the evening just before the fireworks started. I was there from 11 AM to 9:30 PM. What a long day it was! I got a cold and now I'm sick in bed right now. Gee, I'll be better soon! I just wanted to tell my friends that it was over. The result? I didn't make much money, but it was so great that I met new creaters in the local area. They say they'll invite me again quite soon for another exhibition. I'll think about how to improve to earn more $$$! :D

Thursday, August 03, 2006

busy like a bee

On July 31, I said goodbye to my work, a German firm where I had workd for 7 yrs! Yes, now I don't belong to any company and I'm free! Hooray, I feel so relieved and free. I had a great last day at work. Had fancy Italian lunch with some co-workers, my boss bought some yummy cakes and pies for all of us in the afternoon, got some farewell gifts from good frineds, and my sister treated me a great Chinese farewell dinner in central Tokyo, called Turandot. Here's a photo of pretty yellow flowers my husband gave on that day. Happy! :D
And now I'm so busy like a bee again as I have an event coming up on the weekends. I was invited by a big zakka shop in Chigasaki to have a kind of exhibition of my works
on Saturday. I'll show ll kinds of my Hawaiian bags there and sell them at the same time. I'll have to stay there from 11 AM to 9 PM!! So it's gonna be a long day for me. It's my first time to have this kind of event, but the owner told me to bring 20 kinds of bags. So I'm working so hard to make a lot of bags using Hawaiian fabrics. Phew!