Friday, March 19, 2010

cool stamps

I went to the biggest post office in Tokyo (near Tokyo Station) the other day and I bought these stamps. The Japan Post issue various kinds of stamps and it took me long time to decide which ones to buy.

Look at these! One is the cute Hello Kitty, and the other is manga "Kitaro". These are real postal stamps, not toys. So cool!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

White Day

It's "Whiter Day" today in Japan. I didn't know about this day until I came Japan to live. Girls give chocolates on Feb. 14 as Valentin's day and boys give them back some sweets on Mar.13 as White day! What a sweet idea, isn't it?

I helped out my daughter to make some chocolates yummies last month. She handed to two boys at school and one for her daddy. And she got her small gift from one boy. Hehehe.

And my husband made his very first jelly this morning to treat our daughter. It was soooooo yum, full of his love to little one.

Have a sweet day to you, too!!