Monday, November 23, 2009

a crochet dress

I just uploaded my crochet dress on raverly. I made this dress in June and wear it almost every single week. Yap, it's definitely one of my fave!
The pattern is my original, but nothing special. You make a granny square and keep crocheting one by one until it's about the size of the yoke of the dress!

Friday, November 20, 2009

visitng Asakusa

I had a big show/exhibition over the last weekends in Asakusa, Tokyo. I opened workshop and sold handmade stuffs for two days. It was such a big success and great fun. Asakusa is one of the best and popular sightseeing spot in Tokyo.
There're many old and traditional Japanese restaurants in this area. We went out this traditional Japanese noodle called "soba" restaurant for dinner. It was my sister's recommendation. To be honest, I didn't like "soba" at all. I hesitated to go, but she insisted me to pay a visit. And guess what! It wa soooooo yummy and I have to say this is one of the best I'd ever visited!!! The name of this restaurant is "Owari-ya". My daughter loved it, too.
The Tokyo Tower was lighted in blue on last Sunday evening. I took this shot from my sister's flat.
And here's our breakfast my sis made for us!! Phew, I'd never cooked any traditional breakfast before. I thought she doesn't cook but looks like I was totally wrong!! It was so yum! Hehehe, we spent two nights at her flat and she must be happy now that we're gone!

Monday, November 02, 2009


These days, I've been enjoying knitting/crocheting.
This is my crochet room shoes. It's so easy to make as you just keep crocheting in circle to fit your foot.
I started to knit from this summer, and this is my very first knitting project. It was easy and fun. I'll soon make second one!! I'm so much into it now.
Work keeps me busy past weeks and I can only knit during my spare time at work. Hope things get settle down very soon!