Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Here's a shot to show you what I've been doing for the past weeks. First of all, you tear off all the old wallpaper. This takes such a long time!! Some parts don't come out easily and you need to spray over to make it easier. I cannot attend every single day to do those DIY works as I'm already busy with my online shops and sewing works, so things are so slow. What I found out is plastered wall looks much more bright even without any lights coming in. I didn't choose brightest color, though. And it looks so "chic". I just love the texture!! Here in Japan, you can buy the real plaster in a can. It's already mixed up with water, so all you have to do is just apply on the wall right after you open the can! I hear to mix up the plaster and water by yourself is not so difficult but you need to have a great muscle to do it!! heheheh:D

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

February is almost gone...

Gee, time flies!! I've been busy like a bee again. I say this every time I write my weblog, don't I? Hehehe.
The craft fair was over with lots of success for me. I met bunch of new creaters and customers there and got inspired from them. I sold many bags and goodies, and got lots of flower bouquets and yummies from friends and my weblog readers who had visited the place. It was just wonderful.
March 3rd is "girl's festival" here in Japan. So I and little Jade finished putting our beautiful Hina dolls to celebrate the day!
In April, I'm opning my own zakka boutique here in Shonan area. To save $$$, I'm doing most of the renovation works. Right now I'm busy with applying the real plaster on the wall after tearing off the dirty wall paper. It's kinda fun, you know!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Craft Fair in Feb.

During the three-day-holiday in Feb. here in Japan, I'm joining a big craft fair held in Yokohama. I was invited by the same crafter who is handling the biggest fair I joined last summer. What a pleasant invitation. This time it's gonna be a mixture of cafe people and handmade crafters! Doesn't it sound so yummy? Cannot wait to be there!! For this event, I'm now busy preparing goodies. Here's one shot. It's a pot holder using two kinds of polka dots cotton!