Tuesday, February 27, 2007

February is almost gone...

Gee, time flies!! I've been busy like a bee again. I say this every time I write my weblog, don't I? Hehehe.
The craft fair was over with lots of success for me. I met bunch of new creaters and customers there and got inspired from them. I sold many bags and goodies, and got lots of flower bouquets and yummies from friends and my weblog readers who had visited the place. It was just wonderful.
March 3rd is "girl's festival" here in Japan. So I and little Jade finished putting our beautiful Hina dolls to celebrate the day!
In April, I'm opning my own zakka boutique here in Shonan area. To save $$$, I'm doing most of the renovation works. Right now I'm busy with applying the real plaster on the wall after tearing off the dirty wall paper. It's kinda fun, you know!


Stasia said...

Best wishes in your new boutique!

I will have to remove the wallpaper, and re-plaster, in our new (very old) house... is plastering difficult?

*Kumi said...

Hi Stasia.

For me, it was more harder and boring to remove the old wall paper.
Plastering is quite fun!
I haven't finished it yet, but I enjoy it a lot!!

Niina said...

Oh wow your own zakka store!!! That's so exciting, I'll have to visit the next time I go to Japan..which hopefully won't be too many years away!

madhatter said...

kumi, wishing you the very best for your shop!
please post pictures of your interior design for those who are far away.
have fun decorating and have even more fun with your shop!!!

Simonetta said...

Very beautiful your blog! Ciao from Italy

Claudia said...

best wishes to your boutique

joyce said...

Good luck & best wishes with your new shop Kumi!

*Kumi said...


yes, my own zakka shop!
I mean the real shop!
hehehe, it's exciting!
But there're so much to do before opening!!!!
Make sure to visit me in the real shop whenever you have a chance to visit Japan again!

*Kumi said...

Hi, madhatter!
Sure, I'll take some shots.
Now it's such a disaster as I haven't finished the wall, ceiling and floor!!!!
Yakes, so much to do!

*Kumi said...

Ciao Simonetta!
Grazie mille for your visit to my weblog!

*Kumi said...

Thank you so much for your sweet wish, Claudia!

*Kumi said...


thanks for your encouragement, my dear!

Emma said...

Good luck in your venture, I love the doll.

ismoyo said...

I've heard about March3rd day, sounds like fun!

And i'm so excited for you! Opening up shop! Whoohoo! I'm chearing for you.

Gina said...

Congrats on the new boutique, how exciting!

*Kumi said...


thanks for your comment!
The dolls are from my first annivarsary back in 1975!!

*Kumi said...


How're you doing?
Are you now in the US or back home???
I need to catch up with you, too!

*Kumi said...


Yes, I'm so excited about it!
But there're so many things to be done before opening it!!