Wednesday, October 10, 2007

a little helper

HELLO, hello, HELLO! How're you doing? I've been tied up wiht my own shop. We've started to have our own workshop to enjoy handmade/tezukuri projects for beginners. We'll have classes for cross-stitch, Huck's weaving, zakka making and etc. It should be fun, eh?

On Saturday, we sometimes open the shop and we have this little helper! Hehehe, she's my daughter and she does enjoy displaying the shelves, wrapping the goodies and other stuffs. WOW!


madhatter said...

Jade surely is the cutest helper you can dream of! ^-^

Amanda said...

Hi Kumi! Bloglines somehow dropped your blog off my list, I was wondering why I hadn't read about your latest adventures and I just realized why. Congrats on your new shop, how exciting! Jade is such a great helper!

Anonymous said...

Your shop looks warm and inviting and full of creative things - I wish I could see it in person! And your daughter looks adorable and very helpful ;)!

Gina said...

Missed you! How wondeful that you've got classes running, sounds like so much fun. And what a sweet lil helper you've got there! I'm so happy for you and your shop!

*Kumi said...


Hey, how have you been?
I visited Germany in Sept. with my hubby and Jade. I should have written you before we left.
Jade now helps me a lot.
She's grown so much!

*Kumi said...


How's your work and life going?
How's buddy Max doing?
Hehehe, I started new adventure as you can see! Life is hard, but can be a lof of fun! With the help of my little Jade, I feel like I can do anything!

*Kumi said...

Handmade Joy,

Whenever you have a chance to visit Japan, pls drop in!!

*Kumi said...


How have you been?
My life is so much different now as you can see.
I've never imagined that I run my own classes, but I do it now.

joyce said...

Hi Kumi!
It's been awhile since you posted.
It must be a pleasure having your own shop and your own classes. I wish I could do that! Jade is a really cute helper!

Gina said...

Hi kumi!!

Tizzalicious said...

That's so cute!

*Kumi said...


I know I've been so bad to be away from writing my own journal for such a loooooooong time.
I'll have to check yours to see what's going on with you and your cutie pies!

*Kumi said...


Hey, what's up, girl!

*Kumi said...


Thanks for your visit!
Glad to have you here!!

Claire Louise Milne said...

She is so cute! Your shop looks pretty.