Wednesday, April 23, 2008


This is fun!!


Amanda said...

Beautiful! I remember my mother used to do tiny crochet like that, the intricacy of the resulting objects is amazing and wonderful to look at.

*Kumi said...


I know, I know.
My mom used to do the same when we were little.
I found the same pearly cotton yarn(or thread?) the other day and I'm so into it!

thewindhover said...

Ah, one of favoruite things to do is sit down with a cup of tea on the back patio and crochet; something special about crochet is how you work with the gaps more than you do with actual stiches - which makes it so much more versatile and vibrant than knitting!

And I love that pearly cotton too.

Kumi said...


you also enjoy crochet?
me, too!!
spring and early summer is such a nice weather to sit down under a big tree to enjoy it.
i try to make exactly the same size as the preious one, but it's always a bit bigger or smaller.
oh well, i just enjoy the difference!