Monday, June 08, 2009


Do you know Origami? It's a Japanese paper craft. Japanese learn how to enjoy one piece of paper in childhood time.

The first photo is made by a young Japanese girl at my shop. She's now into Origami so much and made this panda bear for my daughter. So adorable!!

The second photos is turtle family made with just one piece of origami paper.

This is made by another customer at my shop. She's a Origami professor. Amazing, isn't it?

And these cute tulips are made by my six-year-old daughter. Sweet, eh?


madhatter said...

oooh... I love the panda-bear she made! ♥

Kumi said...


yap, the panda bear is cute!

joyce said...

I love origami! The tulips are great amd so are the panda and turtles!

Kumi said...

Hi Joyce.
Yes, I know you love paper craft and
you got a great sense of it!