Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Tanabata Day!

It's July 7th and it's called Tanabata Day today. Hope we can see the clear sky this evening to enjoy the milky way up in the sky!


Amanda said...

Hi, I'm a new follower. Lovely blog you have here.

Kumi said...

Hi Amanda.
Thanks for your comments!
Happy to welcome you!

L'Atelier Océane said...

Hi! What a nice blog indeed. I love so much these pictures of flowers... There is so much peace that comes out of it.
I will for sure come back to visit your blog :)

Kumi said...

L'Atelier Oceane,

thanks for your visit!
hope you enjoy my weblog.
pls come again!

venus said...

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Kumi said...


it's a Japanese traditional event to wish your dream. We write down our wishes on origami tag.