Monday, November 02, 2009


These days, I've been enjoying knitting/crocheting.
This is my crochet room shoes. It's so easy to make as you just keep crocheting in circle to fit your foot.
I started to knit from this summer, and this is my very first knitting project. It was easy and fun. I'll soon make second one!! I'm so much into it now.
Work keeps me busy past weeks and I can only knit during my spare time at work. Hope things get settle down very soon!


Theresia (Minori Design) said...

I love your shoes, it sounds easy but i cannot crochet.... love to make one, winter definitely coming this way, i need this Kumi :D

ismoyo said...

Nice! Those slippers look so comfy and the hat so stylish and well done!

My brother is on vacation in Japan right now with his girlfriend. I'm so jealous!

RheLynn said...

beautiful knitting and crochet! Elegant.

Kumi said...


The crochet room shoes is a real comfy!
It doesn't require any special stitches, just simple two basic ones.
You should try as you creat a lot of goodies by yourself!

Kumi said...


hehehe, the slippers are really comfy!
easy to wear and relaxable!

oh, you bro is here in Japan right now?
visiting lots of nice places, eh?
you should visit here one day!!!!

Kumi said...


happy to have you here!
i've been crocheting for a long time,
and now just started to knit, too!
it's lots of fun!!