Sunday, March 14, 2010

White Day

It's "Whiter Day" today in Japan. I didn't know about this day until I came Japan to live. Girls give chocolates on Feb. 14 as Valentin's day and boys give them back some sweets on Mar.13 as White day! What a sweet idea, isn't it?

I helped out my daughter to make some chocolates yummies last month. She handed to two boys at school and one for her daddy. And she got her small gift from one boy. Hehehe.

And my husband made his very first jelly this morning to treat our daughter. It was soooooo yum, full of his love to little one.

Have a sweet day to you, too!!


rachel said...

Hi there! I just found your blog and already can't wait to check out your shop and all the crafting fun to be had in Japan.

Our family is moving to Japan for 2 years through my husband's work and I'm spending time on the internet trying to find out about life there.

I'd be interested in corresponding with you or meeting with you when we visit in the spring. His company is in Fujisawa and we'll need to decide whether to live there, Yokohama, or Kamakura.

You can check out my blog to take a peek at our family and see if you want to connect.

I'll definitely keep reading yours!

Kumi said...


Wow, you're moving to Japan?
That must be a big hussle!
You should visit both Yokohama and Kamakura to check before deciding.
Commuting is another issue here in Tokyo Metropolitan area.
Do ask me if you have any help!