Monday, May 24, 2010

weaving lesson

Last Saturday, my daughter and I joined weaving lesson presented by my friend artist. This is my second time to try and it was the first time for my daughter.

It's a simple method using your own hand and a weaving needle, there's no machine or complicated stuffs. It's quite easy to draw stripes, but it's kinda hard to make the arrow line. I managed to do it but will need to spend more time co make it better.

There were eight people joined this weaving party. Each made different way and they're so lovely!

My daughter says she wants to make another one. We'll try at home very soon.


joyce said...

Sounds like a fun project you can do with your daughter =)

Kumi said...

my dear Joyce,

yap, we both had a gtood time!

Tora said...

They're beautiful! And it sounds like a really nice thing to do together! I actually have a hand weaving device (don't know the English name) after my grandmother, and I made some similar things on that one some years ago. I prefer knitting, though. Like to be able to watch TV at the same time ;-)

Kumi said...


How wonderful that you got the device fomr your grandmother!!
I'd love to see it.
Weaving is another fun project besides knitting, isn't it?

Mami Made It said...

These are great pieces! Wonderful!