Friday, August 20, 2010


Hi from Japan!
Hope you're having a great summer (or winter)!
I'm announcing that I've started new blog since this summer.
The contents will be more focused in my Japanese life and handcraft works.

If you're interested in my journals and willing to communicate online (like leaving comments), pls let me know so I can PM directly to you. I won't post my new URL here.

Oh, well. Thank so much for your support and see you somewhere!

from your friend in Japan


The Lilac Rabbit said...

I'd like to read your new blog. You can email me

joyce said...

Hi Kumi -
Please keep me posted. I would love to keep reading your blog.


rachel said...

I'd like to keep reading, especially since we've just moved to Yokohama (from the states) and I'm particularly interested in your shop and your doings. Thank you!

Sew Do I said...

please keep me posted on your new blog. I'd like to know what are sewing!



clarovna said...

please keep me posted.
I´m looking forward reading your new blog

Joyce in NC said...

I'd love to continue reading your blog.

batixa said...

I want to continue reading your blog, please!

Ran said...

I just came across your blog today.
I would like to read your new blog.

Ursula said...

I love your blog & have adored your shop. So sad to see it go! Please let me know your new URL via

Much love @ best wishes.

Thea Starr said...

i'd love to know what you are up to now :)

et zou said...

I would like to read your new blog....please .. from France -

nico said...

hi kumi was just going through my links remembering when i first started blogging. id be sad if i could never find you again! love from vancouver xo

dorothy said...

Hi! I'd really like to read your new blog as well.

Betti said...

Dear Kumi! Keep me posted too! I ike your tezukuri jp life and always enjoy reading about it and getting inspirations and fun! =) Xoxoxo from me and my daughter BB Boroka!

michelle said...

I'm probably a bit late here, but can you please email me your new blog address as I really liked your blog!

Anonymous said...


I just came across your online shop (Atelier Jade) selling interesting items. I am quite saddened though that many of the nice items have been snapped up and are not replenished for sale. I hope you will continue selling. Thanks.

jsbabie said...

Hi Kumi,

Please keep me posted. I love japanese stuff and it'a great reading your blog.

My email is


Lina said...

Hi, I would love to follow your new blog, please sing me in!

Anonymous said...

I really hope that you are Ok in Japan after what happened there.
I would like to know what you are up to now. I use to follow your blog some years ago (personal stuffs kept me far away from the internet).

Thanks a bunch.
Edith from Paris - France

The Hillbilly Banjo Queen: said...

I would love to follow your blog again.

mlise said...

I'd very much like to be given the opportunity to follow your blog and crafting.
Best wishes,

Steph said...

Hi Kumi. I'd love to read your new blog!