Monday, April 03, 2006

Ohanami picnic

Last Saturday, we had a "Ohana-mi" picnic at the park next to our house here in Kamakura.
"Ohana-mi" means "cherry blossom viewing". It's a special event during the season and I believe all Japanese do this at least once!!
Japanese have been enjoying this activity for hundreds years now. We have a park next to our house and there're lots of big cherry blossom trees.

My husband prepared our lunch boxes right away. Since we both works, he takes the turn to cook on weekends. Fair enough, eh?
This drink is called "Ama-sake", sweetened sake. Very typical drink for Girls Festival on March 3 and Ohana-mi. He also prepared this for us! Can you see the Sakura flowers on it?
Here's a happy girl with daddy's yummy food!
Umm, oishii!!


Stasia said...

How lovely - thank you so much for sharing your day. I feel like I got to experience it myself! Wonderful pictures. :)

*Kumi said...

Hi Stasia.
Thanks for your sweet comment!

nico said...

what a great day! the lunchbox looks good... mm and that sakura looks so comforting...

i like that there is a name for having-a-picnic-and-enjoying-the-blossoming-flowers...


Tania Ho said...

the picnic sounds lovely and that food looks really yummy indeed :-)

Handmade Girl said...

Looks like you had fun!

joyce said...

we have a cherry blossom festival celebration here in san francsciso in "japantown" -- me and my husband & now my son have been going each year. i think the celebration is in two weeks.
jade is so cute!

Kathleen Marie said...

WOW, you have a nice husband who makes such yummy food! Your special picnic day sounds like fun. Beautiful photos!

mangetsu said...


that looks so delicious! Nice husband ;-)
As we went to Kamakura the first time (around ten days ago) there was only little ohanami to do. So I came back last weeks thursday and it was SO nice.
But even nicer was my first visit an Swany... I almost fainted, it's such a great shop. This variety of fabrics and not expensive at all! The knits were gorgeous, and all these very, very beautiful japanese prints!
I am so glad I am not living in Kamakura - I would get in real trouble with my husband!!!
By the way, Machida area is okay. Not far to the big city or mountains either... and Yokohama is also just around the corner - I like it here.

Gina said...

Wow, neat idea. You always have such lovely photos. You're lunch looks way better than mine. What a cutie in the bottom photo! Thank you for sharing this part of the culture with us.

*Kumi said...

Hi Nicole.
Yap, it was such a great day!
I hope you're having beautiful spring in my old town of Vancouver, Canada!!

*Kumi said...

Hi Tania.
We had a great picnic out there, indeed!!

*Kumi said...

Hi handmade girl!
Yes, we did!!!
How was yours?

*Kumi said...

Hi Joyce.
I know about the festival in San Francisco.
My grandma was once invited to have a perfomance in 1980s as she's a professor of Japanese traditional dance!

*Kumi said...

Hi Kathleen Marie.
I guess I'm lucky to have a husband like mine!
He enjoys cooking a lot, but sometimes he makes gross looking stuffs, too!

*Kumi said...

Hi Mangetsu.
I go to Swany very often as it's one of my fave shop here in Kamakura.
I bet you enjoyed staying there!!

*Kumi said...

Hi Gina.
The lunch was yum and we had a so much fun out there!
Hope you're having a beautiful spring in WA, too!

nico said...

hey kumi ;; remember when you mentioned you couldnt see my blog for days? im having that same problem now ;; i can post new pics ;; its so sad!

*Kumi said...

Hey Nicole.
Let me see if I can leave any comment on yours!