Wednesday, March 29, 2006

amazing desserts with Sakura flower!

Look what I found just now!! A sweets with Sakura flowers in it! Looks so adorable! Isn't this so beautiful?

Here's Sakura tea to go along! This is a special kind of tea for ceremony such as wedding or Yuinou (formal engagement reception) in Japan!


Gina said...

Wow, how interesting looking. And, so you too!

madhatter said...

you can eat many flowers, i often put roseflower leaves in cocktails or over salad for a nice look. you can also make jelly with it - why not with cherryblossoms? ;)
the cake looks like it screams "EAT ME! EAT ME INSTANTLY!"

*phew* i think i´ll have a cup of tea and some cake right now....

Handmade Girl said...

I love these!

mi2 in CA said...

Wow!! That amazing cake....and first I thought it's soap! Of course, I must get things relate to soaps all the time. =P Beautiful!! I bet it taste really YUMMY!!

*Kumi said...

Hi Gina.
Yes, it does look so interesting!

*Kumi said...

Hi madhatter.
Ha ha ha, did you have nice cake and tea after reading my blog?
I hope so!
I'm now feeling for a rich chocolate!

*Kumi said...

Hi handmade girl.
Me, too!
Love to try a bite!

*Kumi said...

Hi Mimie.
It's so beautiful, isn't it?
Maybe you can create new soap with the inspiration of Sakura cake???

madhatter said...

indeed i had sacher-torte (don´t know if there´s an english word for it...) it´s *yummyummy* and it´s a THICK and RICH chocolate cake, spread with jelly and covered with chocolate. i LOVE it!
plus i had a black tea, which i truly love most.

ismoyo said...

Wow those look amazingly beautiful.
I wouldn't want to eat those, just keep them to look at.
Who am i kidding? I wouldn't be able to resist. (and most likely they won't stay looking beautiful if you keep them forever.)

natacha matic said...

For me it's art. So beautiful!

*Kumi said...

Hi madhatter.
Yes, I know "sacher-torte" as I used to travel to Vienna and Germany on business. I like the cake, too. Actually, I had it when our co-workers were visiting us here in Tokyo from German HQ. Umm, yum yum!!

*Kumi said...

Hi ismoyo.
I know they're too pretty to eat!!
But who cannot resist?
Not me!
I love eating, too!
He he he!

*Kumi said...

Bonjour, Natacha.
Umm, yes, it's an art, too.
Isn't it so beautiful just looking at?

Kathleen Marie said...

Thanks for sharing this combination of sweet and tea. So pretty, and I bet the tea is delicious. :)

larissa said...

Oh wow! I hope they taste at least half as good as they look. Yum!

anne said...

What a pretty dessert - what is it made of?

*Kumi said...

Hi Kathleen Marie.
The tea has a beautiful smell from Sakura. Every time you leave a comment, I always remember my days in Lake Mary, FL! Thanks for visiting again!

*Kumi said...

Hi Larissa.
I didn't try, so I'm not sure the taste. I hope it's yum, too.
But I feel so much happiness as long as I look at this beautiful sweets!

*Kumi said...

Hi Anne.
I guess it's a kind of jelly cake.
It didn't have any recipe so I'm just guessing!!

Thea's SoapBox said...

oooh that looks so pretty!!!