Tuesday, August 08, 2006

my exhibition at a zakka shop

I had my first exhibition at a zakka shop in a local area on the last Saturday. There were 5 artists/creaters including myself from Shonan area. I brought my Hawaiian bags just like the first craft fair. It was a very hot day and we had less customers during the daytime. I guess nobody wanted to take a risk to dry up in the heat! But we had a lot of customers in the evening just before the fireworks started. I was there from 11 AM to 9:30 PM. What a long day it was! I got a cold and now I'm sick in bed right now. Gee, I'll be better soon! I just wanted to tell my friends that it was over. The result? I didn't make much money, but it was so great that I met new creaters in the local area. They say they'll invite me again quite soon for another exhibition. I'll think about how to improve to earn more $$$! :D


madhatter said...

you can´t improve the weather... think in japan it´s like in germany... when it´s too hot people don´t go out.

sure you´ll make more money in autumn, when people don´t sweat that much anymore ;)

the pic looks lovely, like in a magazine ^^

Soie Belle said...

Hi Kumi!
the exhibition seemed great fun!

Handmade Girl said...

Get better soon, Kumi!

ismoyo said...

Hope you feel better!
Good that you went on another craftfair/exhibition. Sometimes the payoff doesn't come in $$ (or not immediately) but like you said, in new crafty contacts. Keep it up!

Gina said...

Wow, good for you! I hope you feel better soon!

*Kumi said...

Hi Katrin.
We had a typhoon yesterday, and it kept raining all day so hard. Now it's gone and the hot weather is back!

Money is very important, but I think relationship or communication network with creators and zakka shops are more important. So let's not worry about $$$ for the time being, I decided! He he he!

*Kumi said...

Wow, Laurence!
Glad to have you here! I have to write you back, I know!! Sorry for my bad writing...

*Kumi said...

Hi P.
Thanks, honey.
I'm not well yet.
It takes some time, eh?

*Kumi said...

Hi Deborah.
Thanks for cheering me up!
You're so sweet!
Back in Europe now?

*Kumi said...

Hi Gina.
Thanks, my dear.
I do hope I get well sooner!

点点滴滴 said...

I have been sick since the last Sunday Market (2 weeks ago), guess this is the result of too tire (because we need to prepare a lot of items before the day). That's why now I need to plan ahead for the next Sunday Market (27th Aug).
Take care of yourself and don't overwork ya! :)

*Kumi said...

Hi 点点滴滴.
Hope you're feeling better sooner!
Don't work too hard as it's so hot outside!