Thursday, August 21, 2008

outfit for the little one

Hello out there! How're ya? Again I was silence for such a long time. I'm such a bad writer. Hehehe!
I've been busy sewing up this
and that for my daughter and myself these past months. I made this one for her in July.

Look at her! She always make faces ever time I try to take a shot on her! Gee, is this five-year-old thing?
And today, I just finished making this one in different color! She hasn't seen it yet. I wonder what she'd say???


madhatter said...

I'm sure she'll love it, it's cute!!! ^-^

... don't every 5-year-old make faces when you try to take a picture? at least I can remember my mom almost suffering nervous breakdowns when it came to take pictures... "please, smile! stand still! no, don't roll your eyes...." ;)

Anonymous said...

Cute dresses. Always fun to sew for little girls.

serrose said...

really nice dress im sergul im turkish but live in Japan
and i wanna start sewing :(
u re really luck beacuse u can

Kumi said...


she now wears them every single weekends! hehehe, she loves 'em!
I guess that's "five-year-old thing" to make faces and I have to bear it!

Kumi said...


yap, you're right.
i do enjoy sewing for my little one!

Kumi said...


i've visited your country more than 5 times as I used to live in Bucharest/Romania before!
enjoy sewing!

Absolute BegiNNer said...

your daughter is so cute in that dress...

Kumi said...

absolute beginner,

hehehe, thanks for saying that.
she and I are so happy to hear that!

lily said...

I think she will love this outfit. I had been to Tokyo once and I fell in love with the place. I like Japanese fabrics they are so different. I bough so many for my daughter. And I forgot to mention your daughter is so beautiful

Kumi said...


Thanks for your comment!
So you had a great time in Tokyo?
It's an exciting place, isn't it?