Thursday, September 04, 2008

New cute fabrics are here!

Hello, hello, hello!
Finally I uploades some cute fabrics like these along with some other Japanese craft books on my little webshop, Atelier JADE. Pls check 'em out if you're interested. Thanks!

Atelier JADE:


Elisabeth Braun said...

They ARE cute! Kowaii desu-ne!=) (sorry, my Japanese is not good!)

We have the same blog name!=)

Kumi said...


thanks so much for your comment.
wow, we do?
how coincidence!!!!

kayla said...

great blog some how i found you when i was researching things on our sons birth defect esophageal atresia and other complications. i wish you nothing but the best.

Gina said...

Those are super cute! Hope you are well friend!

Gina said...

Happy new year Kumi : )

Anonymous said...

Yes they are very cute!

Androides said...

Hi! I'm from Spain. You have a really pretty shop!
Do you want to visit my shop in Dawanda? It'll make me happy.

Old Cow said...

YOu have a shop!!! YAY!!!!

I am going to go and have a look and book mark you for when I need some more fabric and things!!!