Friday, August 28, 2009

projects done this week

A birthday gift for my sister. I made a crochet motief and sew on a linen cloth.
Lovely but simple, eh?

A half dozen coasters of Swedish weaving for my own zakka boutique.

A hawaiian white bag for my customer.

A tablecloth with cotton-linen textile for my customer.


Anonymous said...

they're all so lovely!
your work is so beautiful!


life in yonder said...

I love the book cover. So simple and easy and so very beautiful.

Kumi said...


thanks for your comment and e-mails!
it's so nice to get to know you.
let's keep in touch!

Kumi said...

life in yonder,

i wonder if you're from flickr.
your name sounds a bit familiar.

thank you for your comment.
happy to hear that you like it.