Thursday, September 10, 2009


I've been to Switzerland several times during I was working in Romania and France. But that was only Zurich where I had busienss to do. I didn't know any Swtizerland outside of Zurich.
This summer I traveled together with my mom, my sis and my daughter for two weeks.

Hehehe, don't ask about my hubby!! If you're working for a Japanese company, you cannot take a holidays
longer than ten days!! If you do that, your desk will be gone! My hubby told me that when we got married. Ha! I'm so lucky that I've never worked for any Japanese firms before! Enough for that, eh?
The scenery around Lake Geneve is so beautiful and peaceful. We stayed at Montreux for 3 days. We wer so lucky to enjoy sunny days while in this region. After Lake Geneve, we moved to the Swiss Alpes region.


madhatter said...

lovely pictures, kumi!
seems you had a wonderful trip to switzerland :)

Anonymous said...

hi Kumi!
your photos look so beautiful and fun!
bet you had a great time there.


Kumi said...


thanks for your comment!
yap, we did.
it was such a great journey!

Kumi said...


thanks for your comment and e-mail.
yes, we had a great time there.
i'll upload some more photos from Suiss Alpes!

joyce said...

Lovely pictures! Sounds like you had fun with the girls.

Kumi said...


yap, it was girls only trip!
and everything was so much fun.
we did enjoy every minute of it!