Monday, October 19, 2009

Trip to Hokkaido - Haneda Airport

Hi there. We visited Hokkaido (Japan's North Island) for the weekends. Right after school, we headed to Haneda Airport. A lot of people prefer Haneda to Narita as it's much closer to Tokyo Central area. It doesn't take much time to go to Haneda if you live in Yokohama/Shonan area. But you don't wannta take trains during the heavy rush-hour, though.

This is my favorite bakery, Paul. Not only in Paris, they also have shops at Tokyo station, Shinagawa station and at Haneda airport!!

There're a lot of shop at Haneda, mostly gourmet shops. You don't need to shop around before departing from Tokyo. Simply go to Haneda to buy famouse Tokyo sweets!!


Brad said...

this bakery looks wonderful.

Kumi said...

Hi Brad.
Yap, they do serve yummy goodies in French style!

joyce said...

Wow looks like a nice place to visit. I would love the try the bakery...

Kumi said...

Hi Joyce.
This place is quite nice with goody shops.
If you ever have chance to visit Japan, be sure to visit this airport, too!