Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentine!


sensoussi said...

hi dear, hope every thing ok for u. Have an happy valentine's day either! U'll have it before us...some begun before, i've already made a present and receive one (how to cook as in japan family, to be alive longer and keep thin!)

thanks for visiting my blog

The Lilac Rabbit said...

Happy Velentine's Day to you, too. Is your husband taking you somewhere special?

joyce said...

Happy Valentine's Day Kumi!!

Kumi said...


yap, we're about a half day ahead of you in France.
hehehe, you got a book on Japanese cooking? that sounds so interesting!

Kumi said...

The Lilac Rabbit,

How was your Valentine's Day, girl?
Here in Japan, girls make chocolate yummies for boys.
So I was busy as my daughter wanted to make some sweets and I needed to help her Friday and Saturday night. No romantic dinner or anything on Sunday... We had just an ordinary weekends!

Kumi said...


Hope you had a sweet day, dear!