Tuesday, February 16, 2010


As I mentioned on my blog the other day, I started handweaving at home. So far, I use a table loom, not the big one. I'm hoping I'll get the wide and big loom one day. The table loom I bought is called "Sakiori" from Clover. It's quite easy to handle and practical. I guess there's no English instruction, they only offer in Japanese. That's such a pity!!

Here're some scarves I handwoven last week. The yarns are from Habu (avril in Japan). After washing, it becomes so soft. I'm so much into handweaving at the moment!


The Lilac Rabbit said...

I love the brown and white! My local craft store is starting to sell alot of the Clover brand supplies, but no table looms.

joyce said...

Those look great Kumi!!

Kumi said...

The Lilac Rabbit,

you like the brown one?
I see!

This table loom by Clover is sold only in Japan so far, I guess.
Or you can ask the store if they can offer you this table loom called "Sakiori", if you're interested in.

Kumi said...


Happy to hear that!!!

Theresia (Minori Design) said...

love love!!

Kumi said...


thanks, dear!

Katrinshine said...

Very nice Scarf. I do tabletweaving at home.

Kumi said...


oh, you're a tableweaver, too?
I do the table loom at home,
and I use the big loom (Swedish countermarch) at atelier.