Monday, June 07, 2010

baking Sunday

My first baking rolls is about 6 yrs ago when my daughter was about a year old. Back then, I was working at a German firm in mid Tokyo taking 90 min. of commuting time (one way, of course)!! I was busy but had a passion to bake everyday's rolls with my own hands. After leaving the position, I somehow stopped baking, too.

Since my hubby bought some BIO whole wheat flour, my daughter and I had a bakins Sunday yesterday.

We both had a fun time baking, and the rolls tastes so yum!!!! Will do that again very soon!


Gina said...

Those photos looks so professional!

Kumi said...

How sweet of you to say so!
It was yum!!

joyce said...

those look really good kumi!!
are they easy to make?