Monday, September 26, 2005

cute "osaifu" from Hokkaido

This small "osaifu", or coin purse belongs to my mom.
I think it's sooooooooooo cute.

Mom got it from nanny more than 20 yrs ago!!
It's from Hokkaido, the North island of Japan.
It's hand embroidered by Aynu people, who are the native inhabitant there. Really beautiful work!

You see small black creature besides the purse?
It's Himalayan black bear in Hokkaido.


jungs said...

very lovely! do you have others?

*Kumi said...

actually, this belongs to my mom and she got it like 20 yrs ago or so from my grandma.
i don't have anythink like this, but love to get one one day!

Ronize Aline said...

Oh, it's lovely!

*Kumi said...

hi Ronize.
yeeees, this is really cute one!!