Thursday, September 15, 2005

my first journal on blogger

Hi there.

Since April 8, 2005, I'm writing my journals on From today, I'm starting this new one as well! You can check my old posting on my lj.

The photo shows me and my daughter. It was taken at Odaiba, Tokyo in Aug. 2005.

This is a quick note to say hello to you all.


momo said...

hello, kumi!! congratulations on the new blog! =)

*Kumi said...

hi momo!
i didn't know you're also a blogger. I added your lj instead of blogger. which do you prefer?

patricia lima said...

Hi kumi!
welcome to the blogosphere!

janet said...

Look how cute you both are. Nice to see you here, too!

Hazel Jade said...

Hi kumi! You have such a cute daughter!

Makati City is in the Philippines =)

jackie said...

Hi there : ) Yay!!!! New Blog ... how exciting ... what a pretty picture of you both!!

*Kumi said...

hi Patricia!
hi Primrose!
hi Haze!
hi Jackie!

so happy to see you here!
thanks for your warm welcoming message!

Haze, thanks for lettimg know the location of the city!

joyce said...

hi kumi:
i'm looking forward to reading your blog!

Tania Ho said...

Hi Kumi (and Jade, of course:-)
Welcome to blogger, I hope you're here to stay .. I'll add this link to mine as well.
A big hug to you both

*Kumi said...

hi Joyce!
hi Tania!

Thanks for your warm welcoming.
I'm hoping to stay here, too.

Anart Island Studio said...

Hi Kumi,

welcome on blogger...I like your new blog..;-)

Anke (Huana@flickr)

*Kumi said...

oh, my!
Anke, so great to see you around!
i'll add your site when i update my entry the next time!
thanks a lot, Anke!

Keina said...

Your daughter is very cute and I like reading your blog

*Kumi said...

Hi Keina.
Thanks for visiting my blog!
Make sure to come back again, please!
Glad to have you here!