Thursday, September 22, 2005

yum yum autumn

Autumn is here in Japan.
We say, 『食欲の秋』, autumn eating.
We enjoy eating lots of yummy.
Here's one of my daughter's favorite food, grapes.
She really likes it and eats almost every day now.
At her nursery, she draws lots of grapes with her favorite color, purple.

Every year around this time, my family travels to Katsunuma, Yamanashi
to enjoy freshly made wines and great mountain food there.
We should start planning the trip again!

What's your favorite autumn food???


joyce said...

my son loves grapes too!
he can't quite pronounce the word
but he calls them "bates"-
it took awhile for my dad to
figure out what he wanted until
we told him that bates means

momo said...

hm...guess this is winter food, and we have it all year round's the chinese turnip cake!! love it! =)

*Kumi said...

hi Joyce.
Oh, the little Prince loves grapes, too?
that's so cute how he says grapes!

*Kumi said...

hi Momo.
wow, grapes is a winter food in HK?
what a difference!
that's so interesting!