Friday, March 10, 2006

Jade's new bag

Sorry for my long silence! I've been very busy with my online shops, taking/placing orders, shipping and so on. But I'm trying to find just a bit of free time to enjoy my handmade work each day, too!

In Japan, new class starts from April at every school. So March is the time to say goodbye to some friends and teachers. From April, my daughter, Jade will be in a new class called "Lion Class" at her nursery school. For the class, all kids will need their own bag to put their stuffs like clothes, communication notebook, toothbrush, cups and so on from home to school and vice versa. Yap, they'll do almost everything by themselves from this "Lion Class".
So I made a cute backpack for her. She chose the fabrics and I did the sewing! What a great combination!! She chose pink Hawaiian fabric, and I added this cute Hawaiian tape. She really loves the bag and now she's so proud that she puts everything she needs at school by herself, carry them to her class and put them into her basket in her locker in order just by herself!! Kids are growing up to be smart!!


tasha said...

hi kumi,
the bag is pink! very nice! i love the red ribbon. are they little hula girls? cute!

*Kumi said...

Hi Tasha.
Yes, my daughter and myself LOVES pink!!
The ribbon is little hula girls as you mentioned.
Aren't they so adorable?

Gina said...

Awww, its wonderful. The prints go together so well and I love your tape. Good taste runs in the family!

*Kumi said...

Hey Gina.
Thanks for your sweet comment!
Glad to hear that! :D

Handmade Girl said...

Beautiful bag! Sometimes its sad to see your children grow up too fast, though.

natacha matic said...

Great choice of fabric! I love pink too but not my boys... so I love making pink gifts to my friends and family baby girls. The bag is so cute!

nico said...

wow kumi a backpack! its so cute! darling jade running around school with it on gosh i can imagine how cute she is. lovely fabric and trim combo...gingham and hawaiian eep with the little trim girls... great work, must be fun to have a daughter to make cute things for ^_^

Niina said...

Oh Jade must be so chuffed to have such a great bag! Does she wear a little uniform? I went to a private school and they had those little sailor style uniforms XD I loved it!

Gina said...

Well deserved my friend : )

Gina said...

I got my order Kumi, Hooray! Love it! I have a post about it over at the Nanogirl Blog : )

*Kumi said...

Hi handmade girl.
I know what you meant.
It's a great joy but a bit sad to see how fast a child grows up!!

*Kumi said...

Bonjour Natacha.
Oh, you also love pink?
Glad to hear that :D

*Kumi said...

Hi Nicole.
The bag is kinda too big for her yet, but a child grows up so fast and it'll fit her very soon!
It's true that you said that to have a daughre is fun to create!!

*Kumi said...

Hey Niina.
At her nursery school, there're no uniform even though it's a private school. I guess kids this age grows up really fast. Every half hear, the kids change their clothes size!!
But you're right. In Japan, many schools have their own original uniform to wear.

*Kumi said...

Hey Gina.
You already got the Decole goodes?
Wow, so fast!!

Gina said...

Yes, whatever you are doing, it's right!