Monday, March 03, 2008

Happy Hina-Matsuri Day to all girls!

March 3 is Hina-Matsuri Day here in Japan. It's a girl's festival day. The photo is from our family hina dolls. When I was born in 1974, my grandpa bought a beautiful and gorgeous set of Hina Dolls, one Princess, one Prince three female servants, three male servants and five male musicians. Now they all belong to my daughter who is five.
Happy Hina-Matsuri Day to all girls out there!


Amanda said...

Happy Hina-Matsuri Day to you and Jade too! My mom didn't celebrate Japanese holidays when I was growing up, it's too bad, I would have liked girls' day!

*Kumi said...

Happy Girls' Festival to my dear Amanda!!
I'll make a special dinner this evening called, "Chirashi sushi". Have you ever heard of it?