Friday, March 07, 2008

a new skirt to my girl

Here I made a new skirt to my five-year-old daughter using linen and cute heavy cotton flower print. What do you think? It'll be a treat for her as she'll move on to the eldest grade at her pre-school from April. Here in Japan, all school starts new school year from April.


madhatter said...

so sweet! :)
she will look adorable in it!

Ana Rosa said...

You have so much luck to have all those beautifull fabrics near you. I have been looking for japanese fabrics and that's how I got here.
Today I could not resist and I buyed one with the red little cape girl!
Japan has such a beautifull culture. I am a fun of your culture and craft ceramics, textile and other.
Is one place I do not want to miss. To visit one day Japan.
good luck

Kumi said...


she got so excited when I handed it to her this morning!!
hehehe, i'm so happy that i have a daughter to dress up!

*Kumi said...

ana rosa,

thanks for your comment.
i've been living abroad for such a long time, and now i'm so much happy that i live in Japan surrounded so many cute goodies!!
hope you'll pay a visit here one day!

Gina said...

She must love it! I do!

maggie said...

Kumi, Jade will luv this skirt!! *joy* ^@^

Simply Wulan said...

the pattern is so sweet..
i bet she'll ask another one cute like this soon...