Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I am now into ...

I'm now so much into drawn thread work. It's a simple work but takes sooooooooo much time! Gee, it took me more than a couple hours just to finish those cross motieves on linen. I really like it. I guess this handwork is not popular any longer, but I wonder if anyone out there enjoys the work just like I do???


Amanda said...

Your crosses are very pretty. Will they be coasters?

A few years back (before I started knitting), I did some of this kind of work. Here it's called hardanger. My online needlework store (Nordic Needle) has a lot of hardanger patterns, so I assume that lots of people do it.

I made a 6-panel design and entered it in the county fair (got a blue ribbon!) and haven't done any since!

*Kumi said...


I didn't know you were into hardanger before. I know hardanger and there're some people here in Japan who enjoy it. But I'm not really into that one. I only enjoy those simple drawn thread work.
It's so nice to hear that you won the prize! Phew! Why don't you start it over once again, eh?

Amanda said...

Oh, I didn't realize that drawn-thread was different. They're both pretty!

And I see now that my wording was confusing. It's not "my" store, it's just where I go to buy needlework stuff!

*Kumi said...


I guess drawn thread work and hardanger is part of "whitework". Here we have different books on them.

Hehehe, thanx a lot for leaving the comment on that point. I was wondering, Amanda runs a great business!! Not things got cleared out. Arigato!

Gina said...

Those are really sweet and pretty.

kawaii crafter said...

I think they look just lovely.


*Kumi said...


thanks so much!!
glad to hear that!

*Kumi said...

kawaii crafter,

really? happy to hear that.
thanks, Jessica!