Friday, September 25, 2009

autumn is here

How're you doing? Here in Japan, autumn season has started. Hope you're doing great out there! Pls give me your hello after reading this blog! Thanks!


Handmade Girl said...

It has been cool here. Cool, dark, and raining, but the sun came out today.

Kumi said...

Handmade Girl,

Oh, my!!!!
It's been years since we'd talked!!
I'm so happy that you're around once again!! Thanks soooooooo much!

Oh-oh. Dark and rain don't sound so nice, but you have sunshine today? Enjoy the sun!

Old Cow said...

happy Hippo??


I wish I was in Japan. Food in autumn is sooo good!!

Unfortunatley I am stuck in London!

woolloomooloo said...

aww how cute! :) we're having a really hot autumn this week... i hope the cooler nice auutmn weather will come back soon. :)
hope all is well, kumi and say hi to jade for me pls! xoxo :)