Saturday, September 26, 2009

my one-week-project

It took me a week to finish this project. The front has crossstitched floral border, and the back has my initial "K". So happy that I'd completed! Hooray!


John said...

I like your blog.
Very unique and fantastic pictures.

Please visit:

Have a great time.
Keep blogging.

Kumi said...

Hi John.
Thanks for your visit.
Happy to hear your warm words.

BTW, I've been to Bali three times before and it's one of my favorite island. It's a spritual island with beautiful culture!

Handmade Girl said...

Very beautiful! I wish I could cross-stitch better.

By the way, I think "John" is probably a spam-bot. :(

Kumi said...

hey, my dear Handmade Girl!

maybe I've told you years ago, what you need for cross-stitching is PATIENCE! that's the only thing you need to complete the project, ha! why don't you start with a tiny piece of cute animal for your little one? don't use more than 3 colors as it'll give you headache!

thanks for your warning. i checked John's website and it looked just fine. but you never know, right?