Monday, January 16, 2006

I've found small "spring"

Yesterday, I went to a pick-nick to Kamakura Central Park with my family. It's been very cold in Japan these past weeks. Some are dying due to unexpected accident from the heavy snow in the North. It's such a pity.

I myself hate freezing cold winter! I love summer a lot!! So I'm waiting the up-coming spring so badly...
I happened to have found some sign of "spring" in the park!! They look so lovely to me! Oh, spring, please come at once!!


Handmade Girl said...

Pretty flowers... You should live here. Very warm already for January

joyce said...

When does winter end in Japan?
It's cold here in San Francisco right now and rain is on it's way tomorrow.

Sofia Barao said...

It was raining all day here but this weekend it was a beautiful sunny weekend I also took some pictures of my village if you want to have a look.
Those flowers in winter reminds how life never stops even under such a cold weather :)

*Kumi said...

Hi, handmade girl!
I love flowers. The biggest reason to have bought the new camera is to take them!
Wow, you have warm winter?
Lucky you!!
I love to move to be away from the cold weather!

*Kumi said...

Hi, Joyce!
Umm, good question.
I guess the winter ends in March.
But still it's normally chilly.
In April, when Sakura is ready to bloom, it's getting warm in Japan.
But we always have sunny days in Japan during the whole winter.
When I was living in Europe, every day it was so dark without any sunshine for some months.

*Kumi said...

Salut, Sofia!
Wow, you had a sunny weekends in Europe!
That's really wonderful!
You must had enjoyed it.
Sure, let me check your photos!