Friday, May 26, 2006

love for cute fabrics!!

As you may know, I collect tons of fabrics at my atelier. I don't know how many pieces I own, let's say countless. And I'm still collecting them! Nobody or nothing can stop me, he he he!!

I adore cute fabrics and here are some photos you can check at my online store.
And if you like to see them in bigger size, feel free to visit my flickr!


joyce said...

they are very cute! i hope to buy some fabric soon!

Gina said...

We love that you love cute fabrics!

madhatter said...

omg, they are SO cute!
.... *jump* the first one is lovely... and the one with red riding hood!
you have a good taste :)

Patricia said...

Kumi, I checked out your store the other day and love this fairy tales fabrics. Would you send some all the way to Brazil if I purchased them?

*Kumi said...

Hi Joyce.
Glad to hear that you like them!!

*Kumi said...

Hi Gina.
Your words made me smile!
I LOVE cute fabrics!!

*Kumi said...

Hi madhatter.
Aren't they super cute?
Those make me happy :D

*Kumi said...

Hi Patricia.
Sure, I'm happy to send goods to Brazil!
I already have some customers from your country,
so no worry!

Handmade Girl said...

I love the bunny/triangle forest fabric.

*Kumi said...

Hi handmade girl.
It was really popular
when I was selling them several months ago.
And now it's back again!