Friday, May 19, 2006

the Steam Locomotive in Shizuoka

Have you ever ride on a steam locomotive? My dauther loves "Thomas the Locomotive" and she has so many toys. So my husband took us to a ride one Sunday. For all of us, it was the first experience and we were so excited about it!! In Japan there're some places where you can ride on the "real" steam locomotive trains. We went to Oigawa in Shizuoka. It's so popular to get the seat, so my hubby made a
reservation for us a week before that. We left our car in the parking lot, and got on the train!! Yeah, the real steam locomotive!!
Look at the lunch box we bought at the station!! No plastic
at all. Everything is made from the nature. We really enjoyed the ride. One way took about 2 hours. But we were so busy looking out from the windows to enjoy the beautiful view.
The car train was so aswesome. These were actually used in 1940 - 1950s in Tokyo. We loved the retro ride!!
But my hubby later told us the ticket was really expensive!


Handmade Girl said...

I've never been on a train at all. Except the little one that they set up at the shopping mall at Christmas time. hahaha

Gina said...

Ah, trains are so romantic some how. Sounds like such a wonderful experience. I love the photos!

joyce said...

great photos kumi! that must have been a great experience to ride on a "real" train.

*Kumi said...

Hi handmade girl.
Right, if you're not living in NYC,
you don't have much chance to take the train in the US.
Here in Japan, the public transportaions
such as bus and trains are really popular.
I take train every day to commute to work
and it takes about 90 minutes just for one way!!

*Kumi said...

Hi Gina.
I know what you mean by romantic.
I felt the same way when I took
the steam locomotive for the first time!

*Kumi said...

Hi Joyce.
Yap, it was really great experience for me and Jade.
I'd love to ride again one day!!

natacha matic said...

As a kid and adolescent I used to take often train even for long trips... We slept in there and there were allways kids of our age. Great moments!
Your lunch box is an art piece!

*Kumi said...

Hi Natacha.
When I was living in Romania,
I once traveled to Budapest via night train
from Bucharest, the capital of Romania
together with my puppy.
It was so much different from the automobile trip and
so exciting!
Loved it very much.