Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Let's make Shiro-Tama Dango today!

These days, I enjoy cooking with my 3-year-old daughter every weekends. She’s so much eager to learn new things and wants to try out. I discusses with my hubby that we’ll give her a beautiful “real” houchou (Japanese cooking knife) for children as her 4th b-day gift in autumn. She’ll be thrilled

This Sunday, we made Shiro-Tama Dango (White ball Dango). Dango is one of Japanese traditional sweets made of rice powder. Curious to know the recipe? It’s so simple and easy, but I wonder if you can buy the Shiro-Tama powder in your area.
Okay, here we go!!
First of all, pour the one packet of Jyosinko (上新粉: rice powder) into a bowl and then add some warm water. Mix it up until it gets the hardness of earlobe. Make small balls about 2 – 3cm dia. Just like my daughter is doing in the photo! She did a great job on that.
Put them into boiling water and wait until they pop out from the water. I’d say it takes about 3-5 min. or so.
And rinse well with cold water. Pour some “anko” (sweet black beans) or “kinako”
(soybean flour) to serve.
Got it?


debbie said...

mmmm, that looks oishii! i think jyosinko is same as mochiko powder we have here in hawaii. by the way - your daughter is a cutie-pie!

Patricia said...

I have never seen this... it looks yamee!! Your daughter is sooooo cute!!!

*Kumi said...

Aloha, Debbie.
I don't know Mochiko Powder,
but it should be the same to think
about the ingredients!!
Try to make some!!

*Kumi said...

Hi Patricia.
It's one of Japanese traditional sweets with rice powder!
My daughter was so proud of herself as she did a great role!

Gina said...

Yummy. And look at that little cutie pie face!

*Kumi said...

Hi Gina.
Jade's so proud of herself!!
Can you see that, eh?

madhatter said...

your daughter looks a lot like you, regarding your photo at flickr :)

she makes a cute little helper in the kitchen!
i´ll try the receipe as soon as i find out where to buy this rice-powder. maybe i need to search for a deli-store...

i enjoy reading along :)

Gina said...

Awww, yes.

*Kumi said...

Hi madhatter.
Oh, do Jade and I look alike?
Some say she takes after her father.
Now Jade is a good helper in kitchen.
She does a lot of works!
Hope you can find the powder!

nico said...

yum! its the same rice flour and its made the same like 'palitaw'! traditional philippine sweets, but the philippine ones are with fresh coconut, sugar and sesame seeds! cool :) i never tried them plain before (with the soybean flour) or with sweet black beans but will keep my mind open for other ways- i love the home goodie pics kumi!

good luck at the handmade show !

*Kumi said...

Hi Nicole.
You have similar flower in your islands?

And thanks for your wishes on the show!
I'm working on it right now!

Anonymous said...

Hi kumi,
Just browse on by from browsing ismoyo.

I should tell my Japanese boyfriend about the recipe. He's been telling me about dango recently and I have been piqued.

And you know what? It's similar to chinese "tang yuen". Glutinous rice flour is used though. And they are made for the Winter Soltice festival or so my mum says.

Anyway, great to have found your blog!

*Kumi said...

Hi Kwoozy.
Thanks for visiting my weblog.
I hope you can find the right kind of flour in your area!