Monday, November 28, 2005

Jade's 3rd b-day!

November 26 was Jade's 3rd birthday. Even though it was Saturday, my husband had to work as he had a group of customers from Taiwan. She and I prepared all kinds of things for her birthday party for the evening. Oh, look at this adorable card!! It was from her teachers at her pre-school in the town. It tells her actual weight and height along sweet messages from her two teachers!! So sweet!

Anyway, we two spent a great time preparing cakes, food, beverages and played a bit in the nearest park just three houses away from ours. She was so HAPPY all day long and I was happy for her!! When her dad got home, we started our small birthday party for her! Isn't it so great of her to wait until 19.30??? She even didn't have a bite of the cake!!

Most of her friends at her class are already 3 yrs old, so she waited and waited this day!! She used to say "I'm 3 yrs old... (in a small voice) I mean almost 3...." But from now on, she can say I'm big enough and I'm 3 yrs old!!

Well, a happy birthday to my dearest daughter, JADE!
We love you so much, honey!


Ana Malha said...

Happy birthday to Jade!!!

Sofia Barao said...
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Sofia Barao said...

Happy birthday tooooooooooo JADE :) :) :) So now you can say OUT LOUD I'm 3.....

*Kumi said...

Hi, Ana!
Thanks for your sweet wishes for my little one!
Here she waves a big kiss to you from Japan!!

*Kumi said...

Ca va, La Fee Coriandre!
Merci beaucoup pour votre comment!
She's so proud to be 3 yrs old now!

Handmade Girl said...

Otanjou-bi Omedetou Gozaimasu!
I cheated and looked this up, I don't know Japanese, but I am glad she had a wonderful birthday. Three is a fun age to be, she is out of the "terrible twos". Although, in her pictures she seems to sweet to have ever been a "terrible" two.

*Kumi said...

Hi, handmade girl!
Are you feeling better now?
I'm so glad that you're back!

I was so surprised to read your Japanese, but (ha ha ha!) you looked up on online translation thing? Anyway, thanks for your words for my little one.

I didn't notice any "terrible two" in my daughter, fortunately. I guess boys tends to have it, though. She's been pretty easy to be with, not much big hassling so far. But who knows what will happen in the future!!

Amanda said...

Happy, happy birthday to Jade! A little late, I'm sorry about that. Three years old is such a fun age, I hope she (and you) have a great year!

Tania Ho said...

Didn't see this until today, but I hope Jade had a wonderful day .. Happy Belated Birthday !!!!!! A big hug to you both :-)

*Kumi said...

Hi, Amanda!
Thanks for your wishes to my daughter! We do hope we'll have another fun year!!
Thanks again!

*Kumi said...

Hi, Tania!
Obrigada (is it correct?)!!
Another big hug for you from both of us!!

natacha matic said...

a beautiful little girl with a beautiful name...happy birthday...joyeux anniversaire Jade!

*Kumi said...

Bonjour, Natacha!
Merci beaucoup pour votre "sweet" comment!

Alexa said...

Thtat's so cute! My birthday is in November too, but it is on the 5th.

My third birthday is one of my first memories. I got a toy car...which I broke. ^^;

*Kumi said...

Hi, Alexa.
Thanks for visiting my blog!
And your b-day is on the 5th of November?
Oh, happy belated birthday to you!!
Wow, you already remember what happend on your 3rd b-day? That's amazing cause I don't...