Wednesday, November 02, 2005

what I've found in Osaka

Look this building I'd found in Central Osaka.
Very interesting, eh?
This is called "Organic Building" in Minami-Semba, Osaka.
I was so suprised when I happened to find this one standing besides the street!!

The next one is another interesting one, you see.
This is a man-shaped street light.
I found not just one but several lights like this on other street in the area called, American Village very near Shinsaibashi, Osaka.
So funky!!

Osaka is fun to visit, for sure!


Anart Island Studio said...

Hi Kumi,

wohhh!!! Thank you for those pictures!!! Japan is definitly on my list of the places I wish to visit some time...;-). Hope you have fun on your trip!
Hugs Anke(huana)

*Kumi said...

hey Huana!
how have you been?
thanks for dropping by!
glad to hear from you! :D

Japan should be very interesting for you, for sure!!
Hope you'll have a chance to visit here!

Ronize Aline said...

sorry Kumi. I'm so used to go to Flickr that I almost forget the blogs. It must had been a nice trip, right?
take care

*Kumi said...

oh, hi Ronize!!
Glad to see you here!
Thanks a lot for caring.
You're such a sweet person!!
I do appreciate your warm caring!