Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Business trip to Osaka

I had to fly Osaka from Tokyo to do some business last week (it's faster than Shinkansen, just one-hour flight), and I spent one night there. Look at the plane I flew!! I wonder if you recognize this anime character, but it's called "Poke-Mon", a very popular anime among little children all over Japan for the past few years. The flight was at 10:00 AM on a weekday, and there were no kids around. Only adults wearing business suits (including myself!!). It was a bit strange experience. If my daughter were with me, she should have been so excited to see "Poke-Mon" all around her. Even the seat cover was "Poke-Mon" printed.


Handmade Girl said...

Its Pikachu from Pokemon!
We love that show here in the States. What a cute plane!

*Kumi said...

Oh, you know Pokemon?
I didn't know the anime is on in the US, too.
I don't watch TV at all, nor my daughter, so we don't know what they are!

joyce said...

i know of pokemon too!
though i haven't see it lately on T.V. - my son watches something else.
i can't believe that was on the plane. interesting!

*Kumi said...

here in Japan, we have some airplanes that have Mickey Mouse or Poke-Mon on.
Great for kids, but for adulst....?