Thursday, February 23, 2006

Spring is almost here!

Yes, spring is around the corner in Japan. It's not that warm yet, but I feel it!! Cannot wait the beautiful blooming season of spring. The photos are both UME (Japanese plum). One is white/pink and the other is thick pink.
Since I was born in this month, my birthday tree is this UME. There's a Ume tree in the garden of my mom's house and the tree is almost as old as I am!! Dad and mom bought a nursery plant to celebrate my 1st birthday so many years ago. Now dad is gone to the heaven, and it's my first b-day without him around us. I miss him so much.


Handmade Girl said...

Pretty trees! My birthday is next month, what's my tree?

madhatter said...

those are so beautiful in bloom!
my birthday was in early february, so maybe i don´t have a tree but a "barenaked treetrunk" as personal sign ;)

in august my father will be dead for six years and i still miss him. but, even if i could, i wouldn´t have it to stop hurting as this would mean to forget him. i can SO feel with you!

Sofia Barao said...

I understand you Kumi, my mom left 17 years ago and my father 1 year (it wwas on the february 14th 2005).

big kisses to you :)

*Kumi said...

Hi Handmade girl.
Yap, I love Ume so much.
Ume has been loved by we Japanese for thousands years now.
Umm, let me check what the March tree is!

*Kumi said...

Hi Madhatter.
Oh, your b-day was also in this month?
It's true, I would never stop thinking of and loving my dad even my heart hearts.

*Kumi said...

Hi Sofia.
Oh, I'm sorry to hear about your parents. Time passes, and time cures your heart. But you would never forget about them as they're your special ones. Right?

Valerie said...

So pretty! And how sweet that your parents bought such a beautiful tree to celebrate your birthday, to grow with you through the years :)

There have actually been a few trees here (near San Jose, CA) already blooming like this, though the weather hasn't fully warmed yet. I can't wait until it does, but it's nice to see the few blooms already. ;)

natacha matic said...

hi Kumi, my father died a year and half ago and yes the first b-day without him was extremely hard. I miss him every single day, his smile, his voice, his hugs. But I'm sure his somewhere watching at me. Sometimes I almost can feel him. The day he died he wrote in hospital this little poem:
"In this world, when you know that your loved ones love you, peace is like hapiness and spring flowers."
Take care of you and all my best wishes for your b-day.

*Kumi said...

Hi Valerie.
I know my parents have been so sweet to do this to celebrate my birthday since I was such a small baby.
Ume is my favorite tree!
It's great to know that there're some Ume trees in CA, too.

*Kumi said...

Salut Natacha.
I'm sorry to hear about your dad, too. Life can be hard. Your dad left you such a sweet poem, and what he wrote you is a great comfort to hear. Thank you so much for sharing.