Monday, October 03, 2005

my Japanese pottery work

After working 2 years in Europe,
I returned to Japan in April 1999.
Right after that, I got hooked in pottery making.
Those Japanese traditional pottery is so beautiful.
Very simple design but lots of beauty inside.
And I wanted to try to make them by myself.

I joined 3-day pottery-making camping
in the famous pottery town of Mashiko, Tochigi.
There each person created his/her own work
using pottery's wheel.

All of my works are designed to use for our everyday life.
Not just for special occasions.
So I made it very simple way.
We eat rice, miso-soup, salad, curry-rice and so on
with my bowls and plates at home.
The touching feeling is really nice,
you feel 'earth' with it.

I'd love to join another camping lesson
one day with my child...
Kids can create better than we adults do
as their ideas are so fresh and flexible, I guess.


Anabel said...

The Japanese traditional pottery is wonderful. Is it difficult?
I would like to learn. It is the first time that I visit your blog, and I will return!

joyce said...

the pots you made are beautiful!

*Kumi said...

hi Anabel!
Glad to see you here.

Making pottery is not easy, but it's lots of fun!!
And you can keep working on one thing until you're fully satisfied as the paste can be used again and again.
I hope you'll have a chance to try it one day!!

*Kumi said...

hi Joyce!
I'm happy with what I'd created!
Thanks, dear!