Monday, October 31, 2005

Mail Day!!

Over the last weekends, we were at my mom's place away from the Metropolitan area. We all had a very relaxing time. :D

Since last Friday, I'm receiving packages every day! So great to find something in our mail box.
Here's the package from Joyce, USA. A beautiful stitching kit from Chronicle Books. All you need to start stitching is included inside the box, I mean a needle, floss, hoop, book to follow, and tea towels to actually stitch!! This is a great "Wow!!", isn't it?
And another package from Meihui, Singapore had arrived yesterday. Some cute fabric, handmade crochet hair accessory, a book called Girl Force (from Down Under) and another handmade tissue paper holder! Great works, Meihui!!

Also I got a big box of fabrics that I ordered from the wholesaler in Osaka for my online shops. So heavy to carry up to my atelier, so it still stands on the hallway of our house...

I love mails with goodies. It's so much fun!


Handmade Girl said...

I have the Stitch-it-kit on my wish list for Christmas...
Lucky mail!

*Kumi said...

hi, handmade girl!
Wow, the kit is so popular?
I must be very lucky to have it without knowing the fact!!

joyce said...

i'm so glad you like the kit!

*Kumi said...

Joyce, I really like it.
Will post the work when I'm done!