Thursday, October 13, 2005

on walking

The other day, we spent time together at my mom's house on weekends. There's a big city park on the back side of her house, so it's our walking spot in the morning with two doggies.

This time, we found small "autumn" stuffs to take home.
I stored small pine cones in a glass jar in our bathroom,
and Jade uses acorns for her playing house.

Goodies from the nature!!


Anonymous said...

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Anabel said...

I love autumn and th long walk!

Anart Island Studio said...

Dear Kumi,

are you all right??? I have heared about the earth quake in Tokyo this morning on the news....I hope everything is all right....???

I am worried.....
Huana/ Anke

*Kumi said...

Hi anabel.
Me, too.
It's so much fun to have a long walk in autumn as you can find such beautiful nature things every corner!!

*Kumi said...

Hi Anke,

Thanks a lot for worring about me on the earthquakes.
You're sucha a darling person.
I have to say thank you from my heart.
Actually, we Japanese get used to small earthquake like that one we just had, and it doesn't surprise us any more...
We were at home, and we felt our house was shaking for a few minutes.
You know what?
Jade kept sleeping during the entire time!!
What a child!