Tuesday, October 18, 2005

what I've made for the month - no.2

The next one is a tote for kids.
When we went to a nice zakka shop here in Tokyo,
my daughter really liked a certain bag.
That one was too big for her as she's only 2 yrs old.
So I changed the measurement to be fit for smaller kids.
Now she takes this bag with her to anywhere she goes!

But you know what?
I also use the bag!!
I put my cell phone, my small wallet and my car key in it to go out.
Very practical, eh?


Anonymous said...

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Psycho_SanO said...

Anata no burogu ga tottemo suki deshita. Watashi wa porutogaru-jin desu^^ Nihongo no gakusei desu;)

*Kumi said...

hi psycho.
you just start studying Japanese?
go for it!!

Psycho_SanO said...

Hi I studied nihon-go at japan's embassy during 6 months and after 2 years I decided to start again. I started last year. My teacher's name is Hakamada Michiomi. I found a link to your blog in Tania's blog. She's very talented and so are you^^ I really liked the things you make. Ganbatte!

*Kumi said...

hi Psycho.
i had a friend who worked for Japanese Embasy in Lisoba back in 1999.
i guess you weren't around back then, thogh.
anyway, go for it and study hard!

oh, you came through Tania's blog?
she's such a sweet person.
i really like her a lot!!

okay, ciao!