Wednesday, October 19, 2005

what I've made for the month - no.3

Now I'm commuting with this new bag I made. I applied Lithuanian pure linen and romantic flower print. This required lots of work and took a long time to finish, but I really like this bag!

With the same method, I think I can make a skirt for my child!


suzy said...

That is a beautiful bag - I just found your blog, I really like the things that you make!

Handmade Girl said...

That would be such a cute skirt on your cute little girl!

*Kumi said...

hi suzy.
thanks for your sweet comment.
this bag is my favorite at the moment.
cute and romantic, eh?

*Kumi said...

hey, handmade girl!
i should go on making a skirt for my daughter, but the thing is i got no time right now!!
my full-time work keeps me so busy!!
wish i had more time for myself!
but i'll make the skirt very soon whenever i find any spare time!

joyce said...

great job!
is linen hard to sew with? or is
it similar to cotton?

*Kumi said...

hi Joyce.
the linen i used is about the same as cotton.
so nothing difficult or hard to sew.
there're so many kinds of linen, and you can choose what you like to sew!

Anonymous said...

Hi from down under.
I really like your works!


Amanda said...

I love this bag with its sweet peek-a-boo inserts. It would be so cute as a skirt for Jade!

*Kumi said...

hi, amanda.
to make this bag took me quite a long hours, but i enjoy it.
as soon as i found a time, i'd love to make a skirt for JADE!!