Thursday, December 22, 2005

christmas stocking

I forgot mention that I made this simple stocking for Jade. It's really simple. I wanted to make something more fancy, but I was running of the time. Maybe next year I'll make more complicated one like patchworked one!!
Until when did you believe Santa Clause???


Sofia Barao said...

I guess I never believed Santa. I'm portuguese (living in France but portuguese) and by me when I was litle we believed more in the litle baby jesus and I knew that it was my mother who bought me my gifts.

But it was anouther times, the living was hard, nothing to do with the today's life, in the school where I work, kids believe in sant 'till 6 or 7 years old.

Beautiful sock ;-) and have a merry x-mas you and you're family, my journal has not leaved france yet but I already got the one from Debbie, I'll send you bought next week ...bye..kisses :)

natacha matic said...

Until I saw my father in the kitchen trying desperatly to hide gifts when I entered...I was 6 years old :)
love the sock!

Handmade Girl said...

I never believed. My mom told me the "truth" at a very young age 4 or 5. Before I started school. I remember everyone in school talking about Santa, and I didn't know what they were talking about. I kind of wish my mom had left some of the magic for me to believe in. But maybe thats why I don't talk to her much. We try to have some of that magic for our kids, though.

nico said...

OMG KUMI!!!!! i recieved my packet of fabric today
!!!!!!! SO FAST!!! people i shipped to the u.s. since dec.6 have not recieved yet! this is amazing! thanks you gosh! for the beautiful and very very cute fabric from okinawa! this bingata fabric is soooo cute! i want more....hehe! check my blog by next year will have the CUTEST items with my SPECIAL FABRIC from Kamakura Japan!!! I loves it! kumi you rock! oh and i love the tsumugi fabric (did i spell that right?) i am going to make something special with it.....yipee! merry christmas this is such a lovely and the best christmas surprize!

*Kumi said...

Bonjour Sofia.
I was quite surprised to hear that many of my friends all over the world didn't believe in Santa.
Here in Japan, I guess almost all small kids believe it and I did, too.
I was so shocked to learn that it was my Dad who brought the gift to my bed...

I look forward to receiving my first journal from you!!
Oops,I'll have to finish mine!

*Kumi said...

Bonjour Natacha.
How was your Christmas days?
You had a similar experience like I did!!
Glad to hear that!

*Kumi said...

Hi, Handmade girl.
Oh no!!
Your mom told you the truth when you were such a small child?
I bet you're trying hard that your kids to believe Santa!!
I do understand that!
Good mom, handmade girl!

*Kumi said...

Hi, Nocole.
So happy to hear that you got the package and liked the fabrics I'd sent!!
Yap, that was really fast!
I'm proud of Japn Post now!
Cannot wait to see your new creatins with my fabric next year!