Tuesday, December 06, 2005

out to Ginza, Tokyo

Last Sunday, me and my daughter visited my sister who just bought a condominium very near Ginza/Tsukiji, Tokyo. It's so convenient for shopping and dining out. As you may know, Ginza has the top quality in food, goods and anything in Japan (that's why it's so expensive to shop around there, though).

My daughter loves train and she seldom takes it. So this time we didn't take our car, but took train to get there!! She was so happy to see many kinds of train and Shinkansen (the bullet train). We had a healthy lunch at MUJI. It's our favorite shop and we did lots of shopping!

After shopping, we had a relaxing hours at my sister's place. Anyone who visits her place will be fascinated with the beautiful night view of Tokyo. As you can imagine, Tokyo has so many high-rise buildings. And also Tokyo has many rivers all over. Her condo is situated in a water-front area. So you can see many lighted bridges, too. The view is just so beautiful...


Sofia Barao said...

Hi Kumi,
Everytime I see pictures of Ginza I always see such beautiful women so very weel dress, it's really a "Chic quartier".
Muji I love it too, there are some shops here in Paris but there's only paper fournitures and some apparel. I love their brown notebooks...beautiful, by the way I have one here just by my side ;-)

natacha matic said...

thank you for sharing so nice pics with us! I'm discovering Japan. I would like to ask you something... There is a shop in Tokyo selling my work:

If it's not too far from you and you have a little time some day, could you visit it and say me how it is in real? :D

*Kumi said...

Bonjour Sofia!
Yes, Ginza has been the most expensive shopping place in Japan over decades. It's a "chic quartier" just like you described.
The MUJI shop I went is the biggest one in the whole world, they even sell a MUJI house and eye glasses there. My favorite place to shop!!

*Kumi said...

Bonjour Natacha!
I remember you mentioning the store in Tokyo. Have you ever visited the shop? I just checked the online shop. Gee, you're selling lots of work!! Wow!!
Maybe I can drop in at the new shop in AOYAMA when I go out on business!!

natacha matic said...

Thanks Kumi. I've only seen the online shop and I'm not speeking japanese, so the web translations are really funny!
I'd like to add a link to your blog, do you agree?

*Kumi said...

Hi, Natacha.

They're saying nice things about you and your work!!
That's why they sell your art!
Did you know that they also have a blog as well?

Sure, let's be linked!!
I'll add your blog on mine, too!
Merci, Natacha!