Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Origami Christmas Tree

In a few days, it'll be Christmas. It's been very cold here in Japan, and some part already has snow on the street. This is unusual weather. I wonder how my friends all over the world are doing these days. I do hope everyone is happy :D

At Jade's day-care (or pre-school), the teacher made this beautiful Xmas tree out of big heavy-duty origami paper and gave it to each kids in the class. This is really well made. What you need is paper and scissor to make!! Wow! I'm gonna ask one of the teacher how to make this one when I have a chance to see her!! I really love to know it!


nico said...

hey thats cool origami christmas tree...for those of us who dont really decorate its perfect :)

today its raining in vancouver- it washed all the ice away- yipee!

*Kumi said...

Hi, Nicole!
Origami is really amazing, isn't it?
I'll buy some books to learn more about it during my winter holidays!
Gee, is it raining in my old town?
I hate rain in the winter...